Cummings & Associates Architects, Inc.

Cummings & Associates Architects is a multifaceted architectural design and construction firm providing services to the high-end residential market in the Dallas, Texas area. With many years of experience in both the architectural and construction industries, Cummings & Associates Architects is able to provide clients expertly designed projects that avoid many of the typical construction problems. In addition, by combining design and construction services, CAA is able to complete projects in shorter periods of time and at a lower cost to the client. Whether a new build or a remodel, every project is developed to provide the owner the highest quality in design, material and workmanship.

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We value relationship! Our goal is to provide unmatched service to each project resulting in satisfied customers. We work closely with our clients to develop a plan that best reflects their individual ideas and lifestyle. Our clients are provided hands-on, dependable service and attention, guiding them through the process from concept, design, and construction to completed project. We are happy to have built a loyal base of customers, many who have returned multiple times over the years.


The founder, Edward F. Cummings, AIA, graduated from the University of Texas (a top 10 College of Architecture). He established Cummings & Associates Architects (CAA) in 1982 and incorporated in 2001. With almost 40 years of experience in the architecture and construction industries, CAA has designed and constructed over 1000 structures, including houses, apartments, retail spaces, schools and commercial buildings. Over the years CAA has been able to build a strong base of knowledge and expertise, incorporating new technologies and designs into our projects. We embrace innovation while being rooted in our past knowledge and experience.

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CAA customers are provided up front with an estimated budget that has been thoroughly researched and prepared. We strive to find the finest quality labor and materials at the best prices. In addition, throughout the process, project costs are continually monitored with weekly communication with the client. The goal is to provide a beautifully completed project on-time and on-budget.


Our projects are designed with a meticulous attention to detail taking into consideration the aesthetic of the design within structural and code parameters. We seek out quality subcontractors. And, with constant management and oversight of the construction process, we work to make sure each home is completed with the finest workmanship and materials possible.

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